Tatum Stevenson.

Ever since I was young I loved photographs. I would often sift through my grandparents old photos and imagine what life was like in that moment. What brought such joy? How did they feel? What were they doing? Where were they? One thing that always intrigued me was that my grandparents would pick up that photo and immediately they were brought back to that moment, the feelings they felt in that moment would flood back to them! From that moment on I was in love with the art of photography.

My life's work and passion is creating those moments for my client. Freezing a single moment that will last them a lifetime, a moment my clients will never get again!

I cant wait to capture the most important memories with you!

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Jennifer McGibbon

"Tatum knew the very best spots and poses. So professional and friendly. Very quick and responsive. I got pictures back so quickly and I am having a hard time not picking all of them! "

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